We're Going to Need a Dance Floor

By far the most time-intensive and laboring task of the entire project - building a new barn floor. The OSB sub floor and the fact that you could roll a ball from one side to the other just wasn't going to cut it. We talked with my dad quite a bit about a solution, we thought about shimming it to be level and putting in a new even subfloor, and he probably had a few more ideas that I can't even remember, but because of the seven inch difference from one end to the other, we decided on building a brand new floor on top of the existing one.

Each floor stringer requires 61 nails/screws to complete, two 16-foot boards, one 12-foot board, four 8-inch 2x4s, four 10-inch 2x4s, four custom cut 1x's, 6 custom cut 2-inch blocks and about 45 minutes of time.

Right now, we have 51 of 76 stringers done, so about two-thirds of the way! This is our top priority during the week when my dad is back home, so we are really hoping to finish these up this week.

Ben got a new job (yay!) but he'll be gone for some training (boo!). In order to meet our November 1st goal, we have quite a tight timeline but we are really determined to make it happen. I'm ready to put my tool belt on while he's away and make this dream come true!

Hopefully we'll have a floor update by the end of the week, but for now, stay tuned!

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