Bringing the Bridal Suite to Life

The first time we saw this room, we saw SO much potential. It was gross, dark and stuffy but the space, the ceiling and the beams were just begging for an upgrade. But we could see how much a little paint, shiplap and new windows would make this room our dream bridal suite.

After the spider webs and mouse poop were out of sight (and smell), we decided to paint the ceiling. We talked about a few different options - galvanized steel, sheeting over it or just painting. We decided to go with paint, and the only reason we really needed to do anything at all is because the OSB was peeking through behind the boards.

Next we moved on to new electrical, which ended up being a re-insulation project as well. In hind sight, we are very happy that we chose to re-insulate, because there was a lot of grime hiding between the insulation and the walls. We planned out the vanities before the electrical was put in, including a trip to four different Target's to get the mirrors so we could have the exact sizes planned out.

That was all planned out, the electrical was going in and it was finally time for windows. I hadn't been super emotional about any of the renovations until this day, because adding two new windows made my entire vision seem tangible for the first time. They turned out beautiful, I think my jaw was on the floor for about ten minutes. I'm still wowed every time I get the chance to catch the mid-evening sun peeking through and the amount of wow-factor that these windows brought to this space.

We finally moved on to the installing new insulation and the shiplap. Insulation was a pretty easy job compared to most, I think the worst part was wearing a mask for the entire time and making the small cuts around the windows. In hind sight, we are so happy that we replaced it all. We were able to clean out everything behind it and make sure everything was sealed up for the air conditioning to work properly.

The next project on the list is putting up the shiplap. I started on it last week while Ben was away and it's pretty simple, but will definitely go quicker with two people working on it. We are using 12-foot 1x8 boards and securing them to the studs with a nail gun.

We also found a roll of fabric-like material at Menards that was really cheap, like $20 for the whole roll, that we are stapling over the insulation and under the shiplap because it's white. We figured it would be easier to have something white behind than worrying about painting in between the 1/8" gaps, but the insulation was too wrinkled. This stuff is meant to secure insulation, so it will be nice to have an additional vapor barrier as well.

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